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Easy to use has always been a concern to every design product. Here we, essential tpe, present you the best protective solution for your iPad2. "Iro case snapsnap". With the design notion of the "iro case snapsnap", we would like to present to you the design in a simplest way but bringing delight into your life; "iro case snapsnap" is design to fit for your iPad2 with smartcover, with the multiple usages of the smartcover, "iro case snapsnap" not only allows you to flip the smartcover to the back of the iPad2, but enables you to snap onto the case itself, rather than swinging it in the air; By being fashion without worries, Its beautiful finishing with extra UV coating helps you to reduce the chances from scratches. With the multiple choices of cases in the market, "iro case snapsnap" shares the same concern of every iPad2 user, with its simple and smart design, we would like to present to someone who is just as smart as you.