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EvoWood is the latest in the growing Evolution series created by Wenger in 2005, more than 100 years after the original Swiss Army Knife design. Wenger is commited to protecting the environment and these products, which are “grown” in Switzerland, demonstrate the innovative ways in which we can approach production to help conservation. The handles for each of these pocketknives are constructed from sustainable top quality walnut using what would otherwise be waste material from other production processes. The natural walnut, which is durable for light outdoor use, is colored in a rich dark stain to create individual shades and grain patterns in each knife, making every product a one-off. 85mm - Large blade, Screwdriver for small cross head screws, Flat screwdriver with safety lock system, Cap lifter, Wire bender, Can opener, Nail file, Nail cleaner, Corkscrew, Reamer, Key ring, Weight: 53 g , Size: 85 mm , Color: Wood , 12 Functions