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Ø60mm (2.3") F.700 f/11.6 REFRACTOR This telescope already has a good success between the youngs astronomers: for this reason we thought to produce a special featured line to help them in their hobby. We added to the normal rich equipment a textile carrying case, in order to carry the telescope everywhere and we also include a professional astronomical software to ease the study of the Sky, find out the co-ordinates of celestial objects which are observing, the dates in which they will be visible all over the world and other important functions.
Technical Features
Ø60mm(2.3") F.700 f/11,6 REFRACTOR
- Althazimuth mount
- Two section metal tripod from 69 to 116 cm (2.3 to 3.8ft)
- Red dot finderscope "Stardot"
- Two Ø31.8mm (1.25") eyepieces H 8 mm e H 20 mm.
- 2x Barlow lens
- Moon filter
- 1,5x Image rectifier
- Electric focuser
- Moon and Sky map
- Carrying case
- Cd-Rom with astronomical software "Sky Explorer"
- Instructions

Plossl 6.3 mm (111x) #1242
Plossl 7.5 mm (93x) #1243
Plossl 10 mm (70x) #1244
Plossl 17 mm (41x) #1245
Plossl 25 mm (28x) #1246
Plossl 40 mm (17,5x) #1248
image rectifier for refractor #1047
set 4 colored filters (Wr.-like) #1100
aperture solar filter #1060
Barlow lens 2x/photo adapter #1054
dual photo adapter #1070
T-2 ring for reflex #various