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The Nemesis (3x42) is one of the most ergonomically designed, aesthetically pleasing, well featured and highest performing Gen 1 night vision monoculars available on the market today. Ultra-compact, lightweight, easy to use and comfortable to hold, the new Nemesis offers a tactile, suregrip plastic bodyshell and, for extra protection/grip, partial rubber armouring. Featuring a premium grade Gen 1 Image Intensifier Tube (IIT), the Nemesis has a built-in, powerful Infrared (IR) Illuminator for use in very low light and total darkness. Power for the scope and IR is provided by 1 x 3V Lithium CR123A battery (not supplied). A green LED next to the viewfinder indicates when the Image Intensifier Tube is switched on while a red LED indicates when the IR Illuminator is switched on. A tripod socket is built-in as standard and a belt mountable case is included.